Talk of the town!

“Devastatingly Funny” “I wish i could do what you do”…Chevy Chase, Comedy Store Main room, 90’s circa

If you do not know who Comedian Michael Wheels Parise is now, you will soon find out… but be careful if your sitting in the front,…the firing line! No one is left untouched by his quick wit and lightning delivery. Wheels was hilarious! we were laughing so hard that we could not catch our breath. Wheels Live is a must see comedy show in Las Vegas, weather you are visiting or local, you must invest the time to see Wheels Parise when you are in the mood to laugh your a** off.   

Jerry Hammer, Entertainment News Express.

             UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE!!...Andrew Dice Clay

Wheels Parise sounds like a race car driver, in a sense it’s true, because you will be going for a ride, his easy demeanor lulls you into thinking you are going for a Sunday drive but before you know it, your realize your in the middle of a high speed chase, holding on for dear life, the jokes keep coming at you, while you try to catch your breath, he’s so funny, really funny, you’ll be mumbling it long after he’s left the stage!…Louie Anderson

             Parise’s big-bellied New York attitude and his Chinese/Mexican-restauraunt accents from the era of Buddy Hackett and Shecky Green …On this night, Parise showed Dustin Diamond the difference between funny-dirty and gross-dirty in an extended bit about a date with a 600-pound    woman. He was fine with that, but — as usually happens with online matches — she shaved 200 pounds from her real weight.… Mike Weatherford Las Vegas Review Journal

Wheels Parise presents his extreme, sidesplitting comedy at Crown Nightclub in the Rio six nights a week...Robin Leach, Las Vegas Weekly

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