Get your “I’m Bloated” T-Shirts and Tanks just got a brand new shipment of the hottest T-shirts and tanks to hit the streets…yes, that’s right…Bloated wear! You can come to the show and buy one or a few OR you can now, order online! Simple, easy and secure. So click on the, “get Bloated Wear” link above and mix and match your order. We have 4 designs to choose from and they come autographed as well! From who we don’t know…NO really Wheels Parise will sign each one personally to you. wheels performs nightly at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and headlines this great country of ours as well. He has a new reality show coming out soon with Andrew Dice Clay and one of his own in the works. These shirts are for sure to be a collectors item, get your now before the prices “Get Bloated”! OK OK OK…I’ll do it for you, here is the link Get Bloated Wear… Great! now you don’t have to scroll to the top! I mean if you’re that lazy that you cannot scroll to the top to click Get Bloated Wear, than you have a friggin problem.

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