For Immediate release:Coming to the Big Al’s Comedy Club at the Orleans Hotel and Casino…Michael Wheels Parise.

“Legendary Comedian Michael Wheels Parise will be Headlining at the Orleans Hotel and Casino August 8th thru the 12th in Big Al’s Comedy Club.”

 Big Al’s Comedy Club is one of Las Vegas’s premier comedy clubs featuring the hottest comedians in the country. Getting ready for a new DVD called “Stay Bloated” , Wheels will be working on new material plus of course bringing his classics. “I am really looking forward to working Big Al’s” says wheels. “I mean the club is hot! the acoustics are great and Amy runs a first class operation” “The Club is doing better than it ever has, since Amy took it over” “Amy runs it the way it is supposed to be run and she is bringing in some fantastic acts”. says Wheels. “She’s Seasoned”.  Amy Pittle is the general manager of Big Al’s as well as the Talent Director of the club. Big Al’s Comedy Club is located in the Orleans Hotel and Casino 4500 West, Tropicana blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada. Michael Wheels Parise has been performing all over Las Vegas getting ready for his new DVD and promises to bring the house down. “Im tellin ya, its gonna get wild”, says Wheels, “I love Las Vegas and i love what i do and i am fortunate to have a place to vent my take on the world and society and to let everybody know that I’m Bloated” That’s his signature tag line, “I’m Bloated” I asked Wheels…is it because you are a little over weight? and he snapped back, “A little? hahaha, Bloated is how you perceive it, if your life is full…happy, healthy, wealthy and full of laughter, then you are bloated! If you love what you do and have a passion for it, then you are bloated. If you have a wonderful supportive family and friends, you are bloated. If you are happy living in your own skin, then you are bloated. and yes, if you are a little over weight…you are bloated. ME? all of the above! ” “See you at Big Al’s”  “Hey”!? Wheels says on the way out…”be prepared to get one of my shirts” “I’m Bloated” “so you can spread the love”.

Michael Wheels Parise’s Signature T-Shirt, “I’m Bloated” will be on sale after his show! You can also buy them online, at…

Written by: Tommy Jerodd.  API/LA PR.  for showtimes and pricing info to see Wheels Live at Big Al’s at the Orleans Hotel and Casino, Go to: Tickets and Pricing

You can follow Wheels on twitter @WheelsLive or like him on Facebook.  Wheels Parise’s official website is, I’m

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