Getting ready for New Haven CT. Jokers Wild! but first a little rest and relaxation. Las Vegas Comedy scene is impressive.A shameless plug.

August 31st and September 1st i will be headlining Jokers Wild in New Haven CT. I am really looking forward to getting back on the East Coast and having some great shows! I promise the blow the fucking roof off the house! My family and i will be going to Los Angeles  for some crabs by the ocean this weekend…Looking forward to hanging on the beach. I have a few projects in the works, “The next level” workshop will be starting soon and i am also working with some up and coming  comics,  with my 1 on 1 coaching and comedy business rework sessions… i have been busy to say the least. Looks like we are starting to see some new faces in the comedy world in Las Vegas, its becoming quite the scene for stand-up comedy and looks to be  a new breeding ground for comedians.  I have been very impressed lately of the level of independent comedy shows in town. So, i just felt like getting  a little personal tonight. I am sitting in my office of my home and recapping the week, so i figure i would do a little blogging. See, here is where it gets uncomfortable, because i really do not have much to say at this point but feel the need to type as to fill up some space on my site. Alright! i will give my self a shameless plug…like i said earlier …i will be at Jokers Wild Comedy Club in New Haven CT., August 31 and September 1. You better frigging be there! I am not going all the way to New Haven if you’re not showing up! I mean i have to be there regardless, so you might as well just come…OHH! You want me to bring “bloated” shirts!??…Ok, you got it, i got ladies tanks too! but…bring some cash or… credit card, we take that too. No excuse! Ok, outta here, Lets talk soon…

For ticket and show info click here. Michael Wheels Parise headlines Jokers Wild, New Haven CT. 

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