Michael Wheels Parise launches… Hit! The Next Level. Wheels Parise turns up the heat in Las Vegas!

Michael Wheels Parise representing his company “Hit! the Next Level” will be speaking at a conference in the Tropicana Hotel and Casino, Wednesday, Nov 7th. 2012. The conference is the Marina Recreation Association, Michael will be the lead in motivational speaker at this event. It is a private event, but he is about to, go public very soon!

Are you ready to,.. Hit! The Next Level?

For those of you who do not know, Michael Parise launched his new company, named…“Hit the Next Level”.  HTNL is a company that takes you to… YOUR! next level in life and in business.

Michael Wheels Parise started his stand-up comedy career in 1987  in NY. and later moving to LA.,…and with any great success comes a struggle. Michael was the national opening act for 20 plus years for Comic legend, Andrew Dice Clay. He started out struggling in NY and LA doing the trenches of comedy, making very little money and trying to live the…”Hollywood lifestyle”. Hanging out and working out at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood, night after night accomplishing nothing,… other than honing his act, smoking weed and being broke, just like 98% of your comedians out there,  even today.

Then and now.

During the interim, Michael was a Chef, classically trained and talented at his own style. Michael never took  that career path very seriously but always bounced around working at different restaurants just to make ends meet. Parise knew he was a talented chef but was just focusing on comedy at that time. He also worked at telemarketing rooms through out Los Angeles and became an amazing “closer”.

Just like anyone else in Hollywood, it was hard to be in a healthy relationship, Michael always seemed to get involved with some, psycho, self absorbed, narcissistic, mentally unstable, well you know the rest…type. Being brought up in a great family with strong values and morals, it just never worked out for him, but as a true romantic and optimist  he always had hope.

In 2001, Michael got a knock on his door at his apartment one early June 16th morning, it was his agent, he was delivering bad news. Michael’s Mother, the apple of his eye… had just suffered a stroke and passed away. This news would change Michael’s world forever.

June 2004 was a pivotal part of Michael’s  life, he just met this wonderful girl that would change his life and put him on a positive path by making him focus on what was really in front of him and to never give up on “all” your talents and how to utilize your maximum potential. To make a long story short, Michael turned his life around fueled by his wife, his daughter and an idea he had in a hotel room in Miami. Michael launched a business with $10… and a dream. Going from rags to riches is not impossible and he tells of of it with a mix of comedy,logic and emotion. He will have you rolling in the aisles laughing and crying at his pain, on a magical roller-coaster of emotion, and for those of you who really got to know, Michael Wheels Parise,…you know… its all true.

Michael will be speaking his story of  “Distress to Success” through out the country. Now motivating, mentoring and coaching, comedians and all entertainers though out the USA , helping them Hit! the Next Level!, showing them techniques in performing, marketing and selling themselves, so they can make money at the passion they hold so close to them.

Comedian/Entrepreneur/Life Coach/Motivational Speaker/Comedy Coach.

Michael loves helping others Hit! the next Level,…  as he continues to hit his own.

To book, Michael Wheels Parise for personal 1 on 1 consultations, group workshops and seminars, you can do so, by going to his company website; Hit! the Next Level. or calling, 310-770-6753

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