People always ask me, “What do you actually do”? Like i always said, “I Do Tings”!


About my new PODCAST everyone: I have been in the entertainment industry as most of you know for 25 years and I have been living in Los Angeles for 23 of those years and as most of you probably know as well, I am in the food industry too. I have toured over 20 years with the most controversial comedian of our time, I had one of the most exclusive catering companies in Los Angeles and fed very high-end celebrities and fortune 500 clientele. Living and working in Los Angeles I have been very fortunate to surround myself with some very interesting people/celebrities in show business and been privy to things you would not even believe.  I have dined in some of the most incredible food spots in the USA and the world. I have smoked some greatest cigars, among other things for that matter. Touring vineyards and drinking amazing wines with amazing people ranging from $1.99  to $4000 a bottle.  I have seen and done a lot in 25 years in this business. YES! 2013 marks my 25th year in entertainment!

I feel it is about time to talk about what I saw, heard and been a part of in the last 25 years. I have stories that will make your hair grow in places you thought have been ignored all your life. People always ask, “What do you really do”?  And, I always answer, “I do tings” …which coincidentally is the name of my new show/podcast coming out in mid January, Michael Wheels Parise,…”I do tings” , where I take a candid approach on life, past, present and future. We will be talking to critically acclaimed chefs, celebrities… we all love and hate, all sorts of entertainers and all sorts people that, “LIVE THE GOOD LIFE”!  I would love to have you on the show one-day, if you have lived the good life and have a need to tell us go to “I Do Tings”  and click on “how to be a guest”.


I will not sugar coat, I will not apologize, I may offend just a little… because as I always said “I am not for everybody” but I can promise you this…”You will laugh your ass off” you will have an inside ear to some great interviews with amazing people  as we pour ourselves a drink of whatever we are drinking and smoke whatever we may be smoking and just talk about whatever comes up. You know…I  always had a way of getting things out of people.I have committed 25 years into entertainment and food, I payed my dues, i may not always be politically correct or grammatically correct… but I have decided, its time. Stay tuned for mid January…Michael Wheels Parise…”I Do Tings”…

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