Michael Wheels Parise’s PODCAST…”I DO TINGS”! unfiltered, uncensored, unstructured, the way life is supposed to be lived.

Comedian Michael Wheels Parise has a Podcast coming out in January 14th 2013 Called “I Do Tings”! He will be taping at Studio Red in Las Vegas, Nevada and airing it every Monday and Thursday at 4PM (pst). We asked Wheels, what he has in store for the show? “I just want a place to air what i think”. “I have done it all in the 25 years i have been in the entertainment business.” “Comedian, Celebrity Chef, Entrepreneur, Restaurant owner, Caterer to the stars, and the list goes on…as we say in New York”, “I Do Tings” ! Michael Wheels Parise is not the shy type to say the least. Touring the country for over twenty five years with the most shocking, controversial comedian of our time, Andrew Dice Clay, their friendship dates back to 1989 at Pips Comedy Club in Brooklyn NY. Growing up in an Italian/Albanian family in Long Island and coming from a family of chefs and politicians, Parise was destined to be a comedian. “I knew at 5 years old i was gonna be a comedian” Wheels says. “I remember performing at my uncle Andrew’s republican fundraisers in NY, doing impersonations in front of the local politicians and there families”. “I would go on stage and do Nixon and everybody would crack up, I was 6”. Michael Wheels Parise now lives in Las Vegas, NV., still performing as a national headliner. “I am all over the place”, Wheels says… “as a matter of fact i will be headlining the Laugh Factory at the Tropicana in Las Vegas on January 14th thru the 20, the same day i am launching my new podcast”. So we asked Wheels…”Whats the show about in general’?…”I am obviously a fine lover of food and I love the entertainment biz as well,I love the good life… i just feel like people sugar coat it they always have the guard up”. “I also love living the good life, smoking great premium cigars, enjoying the greatest wines, sipping the finest Scotch, rums, Cognacs, eating and cooking  cutting edge cuisine,…” “I live a great life with my family and close friends”. “I want to share some of the things we eat,drink, talk about and do”. “I don’t want to have the same watered down interview with the same watered down celebrity and find out the same shit we always knew’. “Lets pour a drink of whatever we may be drinking and light up whatever we may be smoking, have a bite to eat, drop our guards and hang out”. “Lets talk food, comedy, life and whatever else comes up”. “lets just catch the buzz and let it out”. “I know a lot of people”,..” famous and not so famous” “I am going to have them all on the show”. “Politically incorrect, grammatically incorrect, unfiltered and unstructured, uncensored,…The way life is supposed to be”. “Cheers to the good life” !  Wheels Parise’s Podcats will air on January 14th, 2103. We recommend tuning in to http://wheelsparise.com you can also see Wheels live at the Laugh Factory in the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, January 14th thru the 20th at 8:30PM and 10:30PM following Roseanne Barr’s 7:00PM show. You can follow wheels on Twitter @WheelsLive and like Wheels on Facebook, http://facebook.com/wheelslive.  Michael Wheels Parise’s PODCAST, “I DO TINGS”! is sponsered by: Miami Cigar and Company

Michael Wheels Parise Podcast

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