“I DO TINGS” Starring Michael Wheels Parise, January 31,episode 6: Bob Zany, Phil Peredo, Mark Hatchell, Pj Stansbury, Ross Fried and Tony Lizzio

Michael Wheels Parise podcast I DO TINGS! episode 6


On today’s show legendary Bod Zany and his colorful career! Phil Peredo talks about his life as a comedian/entrepreneur and being ex-married  to a Filipino movie star, Stella Ruiz and what goes with that. Wheels goes off on an “AMERICAN” rant, Pj Stansbury talks about always being the co-host and never the host, Marc Hatchell talks about his future with the UFC and Tony Lizzio as always working his magic behind the scenes.  Great show today! make sure and tune in at 1 PM. click on the RSS feed to the right to listen now.

Episode 5 of “I DO TINGS”! starring Michael Wheels Parise welcomes Grandma Lee from “Americas got Talent” Comedian Greg Vaccariello and “The Cartoon Guy” Cliff Lawrence

episode 5logoi do tings

Episode 5 of “I DO TINGS”! Starring Michael Wheels Parise.
America’s Got Talent finalist Grandma Lee is in studio. Grandma Lee talks about her imaginary husband that she takes with her were ever she goes since her real husband died but she did not take him to Las Vegas because she likes to be in Las Vegas… alone. She also talks about how she is dislikes Lisa Lampanelli because she is gross “all Lisa does is talk about dildos” per grandma. Cliff Lawrence talks about how he met Mel Blanc and how Mel grabbed his face while he was doing an impression and started to shake it. Greg Vaccariello is in studio. Greg talks comedy etiquette and how MC’s get the intro wrong and how they should always bring up the next comic with respect, also his days in Long Island with Kevin James and Gary Valentine. Greg walked in with a cane because his foot was at level 3 and hopefully he will be at level zero soon. Greg also speaks out about “the best kept secret” Brent Strong talks about his days as a page for Johnny Carson and being Mike Tyson’s friend in Las Vegas only. Phil Peredo hangs in the studio. Phil is CEO of Tickleme Entertainment, hooked us up with some Thai food from Las Vegas’s # 1 Thai Restaurant, “Krung Thai”. Sara Millet makes a last minute appearance and as always Tony Lizzio with Lizzio Productions is making it all sound great.
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Episode 4 of “I DO TINGS”! Starring Michaels Wheels Parise 4 PM pst. “Comics Hangout”…

Here we are! Already at episode 4 of “I DO TINGS” starring Michael Wheels Parise, airing at 4 PM pst. on WheelsParise.com, iTunes, Stitcher Radio and a host of other podcast channels. Today’s show is going to be a different format. No music, no sound effects no structure whats so ever. Just great comedians in a room talking shit and telling stories and of course always telling you where they are.  Andrew Norelli in studio talking about his climb to the top and how he started out on the bottom. Denny Johnston tells us what it was like to start comedy in 1972, his bike riding with Jay Leno and Steve Martin turning him down after all those years. John Bizarre reveals how he got his name and why he thinks you cannot teach “funny”. Wheels Parise hosts this comedy sit down and gets a lot of information for your listening pleasure. As always Pj Stansbury and Marc Hatchell sit in and listens and has a few choice words at the end, Phil Peredo guest co-produces today with Sara Millet. Food provided by: The best BBQ in Vegas, “Las Vegas Grille” and Cigars provided by Miami Cigar and Company. Andrew Norelli and Denny Johnston perform all week at the Laugh Factory in the Tropicana, john Bizarre is performing at Big Al’s Comedy Club in The Orleans Hotel and Casino. 

I do tings episode 4 starrring michael wheels parise with andrew norelli, john bizarre, denny jonston, phil peredo,sara millet and pj stansbury

January 21st 4 pm pst: “I DO TINGS”! starring Michael Wheels Parise. Wheels destroys a no show guest!

January 21, 2013 4 PM (pst) make sure and tune is for a great show lineup. Comedian, Brian Scott Mcfadden talks about getting phone calls from 16 year old girls. “Nuff Said” is in the house talking about playing the Palace Station and the love of music. Crazy Jay from the “Rocking Comedy Show” talks about, podcasting,  porn and Friday the 13th. Pj Stansbury is in studio giving his 2 cents. Host Michael Wheels Parise destroys a guest who was a no show and of course as always, producer Tony Lizzio making it all happen behind the mixer! Make sure you listen to this action packed episode. Brought to you by; Miami Cigar and Company. Just click on the newest episode on the RSS feed to the right or go to… iTunesStitcher Radio or Libsyn.

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Gallagher gives exclusive, very candid, very truthful, interview to Michael Wheels Parise’s new PODCAST…”I DO TINGS”! SHOCKING!

It’s Monday night in Las Vegas Nevada, freezing temperature  Michael Wheels Parise is headlining the Laugh Factory at the Tropicana…legendary comedian Gallagher is staying at the Trop and decides to stop in and say hello. Wheels and Gallagher befriended each other right away and started talking in the green room. Now everybody knows, Wheels has a new podcast online called, “I Do Tings”! and it is focused on celebrity interviews that are uncensored, unstructured and unfiltered so…Wheels ceased  the opportunity to ask Gallagher to be on his show.

galleger 2


Hesitant at first then as the trust developed, he agreed to the interview with Wheels the next night (Tuesday) for the airing of the Podcast for Thursday Janruary 17th. What you are about to hear on Thursday at 4:00 PM on the show, is like no other interview ever… as they both go to Gallagher’s room and turn on the recorder,and  in minutes the guards are out down and the interview starts with Gallagher reading an unpublished piece of his poetry as he is puffing on a joint that they are both sharing.  gallager

The room is in disarray, papers everywhere! What Gallagher and Wheels talk about is unreal and almost unbelievable. Gallagher reveals on tape that he has never in all of  his 40 years in showbiz, has never given an interview like this before. It is almost a tad insane. Suffering 2 strokes and being in a coma, Gallagher decided to spill the beans. This will be a must listen to show. “I Do TINGS”! airs every Monday and Thursday at 4:00 PM pst. on Wheels’s Website.or “I DO TINGS”! ywww.HyperSmash.com


Michael Wheels Parise Headlines the Laugh Factory Las Vegas in the Tropicana January 14- 20

Comedy Veteran Michael Wheels Parise will take the stage January 14th thru the 20th 2013 at the Las Vegas Laugh Factory in the Legendary Tropicana Hotel and Casino. Wheels will be performing 2 shows a night…8:30 and 10:30 PM, following Roseanne Barr’s debut at 7:00 PM. Wheels Parise has been seen on numerous TV and movies, including, Low Down Dirty Shame with Keenan Ivory Wayans, Dice Rules with Andrew Dice Clay and Meet Wally Sparks with the legendary Rodney Dangerfield. Currently Wheels makes a cameo appearance with his old friend ‘Dice” in his new Showtime special, Dice Indestructible. Michael Wheels Parise is also launching his first podcast called, “I DO TINGS”! premiering January 14th. You will be able to listen to Wheels’s podcast on iTunes as well as, Wheels Parise.Com. for more information on shows and tickets you can go to: Laugh Factory Las Vegas.


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