“I DO TINGS” Starring Michael Wheels Parise, January 31,episode 6: Bob Zany, Phil Peredo, Mark Hatchell, Pj Stansbury, Ross Fried and Tony Lizzio

Michael Wheels Parise podcast I DO TINGS! episode 6


On today’s show legendary Bod Zany and his colorful career! Phil Peredo talks about his life as a comedian/entrepreneur and being ex-married  to a Filipino movie star, Stella Ruiz and what goes with that. Wheels goes off on an “AMERICAN” rant, Pj Stansbury talks about always being the co-host and never the host, Marc Hatchell talks about his future with the UFC and Tony Lizzio as always working his magic behind the scenes.  Great show today! make sure and tune in at 1 PM. click on the RSS feed to the right to listen now.

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