“If you love something let it go free. If it doesn’t come back, you never had it. If it comes back, love it forever.”

It really amazes me! I struggled for years in Los Angeles as a comedian and an actor and never thought once that this is something i should not be doing. I know what it is like to go on tour with an iconic comedian staying in the best  hotels, limos, private jets and signing for almost anything i wanted because i was the opening act for Andrew Dice Clay, and what ever Dice wanted, he got! Then back to reality…the tour is over and it is back to my 1 room apt in West Hollywood. Of course this was very early on in my career, early 90’s and i was very fortunate to live the lifestyle i did even though i was broke financially speaking back then lol.  Things got better for me and i started to make money once i was a headliner and working the big rooms and i was also getting some acting work in some notable films, (not extra work people).

I remember early on that i always said i would make it in the business of show! I have always believed in myself and my confidence and talent so i hear, is out the roof. Hollywood can take a toll on you and back in 2000 i was realizing that what i have accomplished in my career, i was at peace with and if i got out of the business…i was going to be OK. I opened a successful business and was making great money, got married and had a child and was living the dream. Stayed away from show business for the most part of 5 years, of course i would always stay involved mentally, just not physically perusing it. We moved to North Carolina opened a great bistro and we were enjoying the new lifestyle…and trust me it was great, i am not complaining, we live a very nice life.

We decided to move from NC and something pulled us to Las Vegas, so we made the plunge as we often do and came back west, with the intentions of opening a catering company in Las Vegas. I was home one night at our new place in Vegas and i got a call to fill in for a comedian. I was reluctant because i was kind of semi retired and i thought to myself, WHY?… but the entertainer in me took over and my ego started to swell and i caved in to…”Ok, i’ll do it” and i did. To make a long story short within weeks i had my own residency at the Rio Hotel and Casino and my face was plastered all over Vegas on billboards. I never looked back and i was back in the game, strong!

See, if your reading this, i came to grip to something that is very true, the old saying goes…

“If you love something let it go free. If it doesn’t come back, you never had it. If it comes back, love it forever.”

That is exactly what is going on now. I am going to Los Angeles to film a pilot for a network i am starring in. I never asked or perused this, it came to me. Just because i stopped pursuing fame doesn’t mean i don’t deserve it. I worked my ass off to get anything i got and have no reluctance to take what is mine, no matter what… if  presented with an opportunity. What i am saying is.. i never gave up or disliked the business, I love the business… i just went in another direction. I have always loved show business,  its in my blood, its calling my name, it asked me to come back,  So i am…this time i can afford to do it different, this time i grab it by the balls!

Michael Wheels Parise

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Episode 4 of “I DO TINGS”! Starring Michaels Wheels Parise 4 PM pst. “Comics Hangout”…

Here we are! Already at episode 4 of “I DO TINGS” starring Michael Wheels Parise, airing at 4 PM pst. on WheelsParise.com, iTunes, Stitcher Radio and a host of other podcast channels. Today’s show is going to be a different format. No music, no sound effects no structure whats so ever. Just great comedians in a room talking shit and telling stories and of course always telling you where they are.  Andrew Norelli in studio talking about his climb to the top and how he started out on the bottom. Denny Johnston tells us what it was like to start comedy in 1972, his bike riding with Jay Leno and Steve Martin turning him down after all those years. John Bizarre reveals how he got his name and why he thinks you cannot teach “funny”. Wheels Parise hosts this comedy sit down and gets a lot of information for your listening pleasure. As always Pj Stansbury and Marc Hatchell sit in and listens and has a few choice words at the end, Phil Peredo guest co-produces today with Sara Millet. Food provided by: The best BBQ in Vegas, “Las Vegas Grille” and Cigars provided by Miami Cigar and Company. Andrew Norelli and Denny Johnston perform all week at the Laugh Factory in the Tropicana, john Bizarre is performing at Big Al’s Comedy Club in The Orleans Hotel and Casino. 

I do tings episode 4 starrring michael wheels parise with andrew norelli, john bizarre, denny jonston, phil peredo,sara millet and pj stansbury

Gallagher gives exclusive, very candid, very truthful, interview to Michael Wheels Parise’s new PODCAST…”I DO TINGS”! SHOCKING!

It’s Monday night in Las Vegas Nevada, freezing temperature  Michael Wheels Parise is headlining the Laugh Factory at the Tropicana…legendary comedian Gallagher is staying at the Trop and decides to stop in and say hello. Wheels and Gallagher befriended each other right away and started talking in the green room. Now everybody knows, Wheels has a new podcast online called, “I Do Tings”! and it is focused on celebrity interviews that are uncensored, unstructured and unfiltered so…Wheels ceased  the opportunity to ask Gallagher to be on his show.

galleger 2


Hesitant at first then as the trust developed, he agreed to the interview with Wheels the next night (Tuesday) for the airing of the Podcast for Thursday Janruary 17th. What you are about to hear on Thursday at 4:00 PM on the show, is like no other interview ever… as they both go to Gallagher’s room and turn on the recorder,and  in minutes the guards are out down and the interview starts with Gallagher reading an unpublished piece of his poetry as he is puffing on a joint that they are both sharing.  gallager

The room is in disarray, papers everywhere! What Gallagher and Wheels talk about is unreal and almost unbelievable. Gallagher reveals on tape that he has never in all of  his 40 years in showbiz, has never given an interview like this before. It is almost a tad insane. Suffering 2 strokes and being in a coma, Gallagher decided to spill the beans. This will be a must listen to show. “I Do TINGS”! airs every Monday and Thursday at 4:00 PM pst. on Wheels’s Website.or “I DO TINGS”! ywww.HyperSmash.com


Michael Wheels Parise Headlines the Laugh Factory Las Vegas in the Tropicana January 14- 20

Comedy Veteran Michael Wheels Parise will take the stage January 14th thru the 20th 2013 at the Las Vegas Laugh Factory in the Legendary Tropicana Hotel and Casino. Wheels will be performing 2 shows a night…8:30 and 10:30 PM, following Roseanne Barr’s debut at 7:00 PM. Wheels Parise has been seen on numerous TV and movies, including, Low Down Dirty Shame with Keenan Ivory Wayans, Dice Rules with Andrew Dice Clay and Meet Wally Sparks with the legendary Rodney Dangerfield. Currently Wheels makes a cameo appearance with his old friend ‘Dice” in his new Showtime special, Dice Indestructible. Michael Wheels Parise is also launching his first podcast called, “I DO TINGS”! premiering January 14th. You will be able to listen to Wheels’s podcast on iTunes as well as, Wheels Parise.Com. for more information on shows and tickets you can go to: Laugh Factory Las Vegas.


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Michael Wheels Parise’s PODCAST…”I DO TINGS”! unfiltered, uncensored, unstructured, the way life is supposed to be lived.

Comedian Michael Wheels Parise has a Podcast coming out in January 14th 2013 Called “I Do Tings”! He will be taping at Studio Red in Las Vegas, Nevada and airing it every Monday and Thursday at 4PM (pst). We asked Wheels, what he has in store for the show? “I just want a place to air what i think”. “I have done it all in the 25 years i have been in the entertainment business.” “Comedian, Celebrity Chef, Entrepreneur, Restaurant owner, Caterer to the stars, and the list goes on…as we say in New York”, “I Do Tings” ! Michael Wheels Parise is not the shy type to say the least. Touring the country for over twenty five years with the most shocking, controversial comedian of our time, Andrew Dice Clay, their friendship dates back to 1989 at Pips Comedy Club in Brooklyn NY. Growing up in an Italian/Albanian family in Long Island and coming from a family of chefs and politicians, Parise was destined to be a comedian. “I knew at 5 years old i was gonna be a comedian” Wheels says. “I remember performing at my uncle Andrew’s republican fundraisers in NY, doing impersonations in front of the local politicians and there families”. “I would go on stage and do Nixon and everybody would crack up, I was 6”. Michael Wheels Parise now lives in Las Vegas, NV., still performing as a national headliner. “I am all over the place”, Wheels says… “as a matter of fact i will be headlining the Laugh Factory at the Tropicana in Las Vegas on January 14th thru the 20, the same day i am launching my new podcast”. So we asked Wheels…”Whats the show about in general’?…”I am obviously a fine lover of food and I love the entertainment biz as well,I love the good life… i just feel like people sugar coat it they always have the guard up”. “I also love living the good life, smoking great premium cigars, enjoying the greatest wines, sipping the finest Scotch, rums, Cognacs, eating and cooking  cutting edge cuisine,…” “I live a great life with my family and close friends”. “I want to share some of the things we eat,drink, talk about and do”. “I don’t want to have the same watered down interview with the same watered down celebrity and find out the same shit we always knew’. “Lets pour a drink of whatever we may be drinking and light up whatever we may be smoking, have a bite to eat, drop our guards and hang out”. “Lets talk food, comedy, life and whatever else comes up”. “lets just catch the buzz and let it out”. “I know a lot of people”,..” famous and not so famous” “I am going to have them all on the show”. “Politically incorrect, grammatically incorrect, unfiltered and unstructured, uncensored,…The way life is supposed to be”. “Cheers to the good life” !  Wheels Parise’s Podcats will air on January 14th, 2103. We recommend tuning in to http://wheelsparise.com you can also see Wheels live at the Laugh Factory in the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, January 14th thru the 20th at 8:30PM and 10:30PM following Roseanne Barr’s 7:00PM show. You can follow wheels on Twitter @WheelsLive and like Wheels on Facebook, http://facebook.com/wheelslive.  Michael Wheels Parise’s PODCAST, “I DO TINGS”! is sponsered by: Miami Cigar and Company

Michael Wheels Parise Podcast

Comedy on the edge. Michel Wheels Parise Headlines the Edgwater Casino in Laughlin Nevada Friday 11-16-12

Excerpt from the Laughlin, Nevada Entertainer.

Comedy on the Edge

Edgewater continues to present comedy

Published: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 7:01 PM MST

Dennis Blair is a comic who plays the Edgewater comedy club regularly. His cred was good coming in because he served as George Carlin’s opening act for 20 years.

Well, another comic comes to the Edgewater. Michael “Wheels” Parise cut his stand-up comedy teeth opening for Andrew Dice Clay for more than 20 years. Imagine being in a comedy billing and you’re the comedian nobody came to see. But both Carlin and Clay knew they had a good opener, greasing the laughter skids and making their job easier.

Parise is a New Yorker who came to L.A. to pursue his budding comedy career back in the late ’80s. He became a regular at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood, eventually landing the opening act gig with Dice Clay. From there he has gone to become a headliner at Vegas casinos in his own right.

We talked with Parise via a phone interview last week. Here’s his take on…. Full article…