Are you ready to take it to  the next level?…

Mentoring and 1-on-1′s

The POWER of 1 on 1

1-on-1′s  are very intense and very powerful sessions. Guaranteed to take you to extra-ordinary places on the stage. A mix of logic and emotion intertwined,  tapping into a place you thought you put away forever. This is a formula developed byMichael Parise and has been proven to take even, seasoned working headliners to new dimensions in stand up. These are not for everyone…you MUST be true to yourself when meeting and be willing to dig deep into your past and channel the funny. If you are interested in a free personal consultation with Wheels to start developing what you already have in you, then fill the information out below and you will get a call from Wheels personally to discuss this further. All 1-on-1′s are strictly confidential all  information obtained will NEVER be shared with anyone else, EVER.

Michael Wheels Parise will be your personal coach and mentor during this intense process and continue to follow up with you for years to come.

Easy Payment

1 0n 1′s come in an 8 pack. Each 1 0n 1 session lasts no less than 1 1/2 hours + and is strictly confidential. 1 on 1′s are held at a discreet location. (TBD). The price of the 8 pack is $600.00.  1 on 1 sesions are $125 per session otherwise.


Comedian/Comedy Coach/Motivational Speaker, Michael Wheels Parise will take you there!

The Next Level…developing your act, furthering your career and start making money with your passion. Take it to the next level. A workshop and networking opportunity that does not come along very often…if you have ever wanted to be a standup comedian or if you are a standup and want to get to the next level, then this is the workshop/1 on 1 coaching for you…with out a doubt. ***WARNING*** This is not your ordinary standup comedy class with the same recycled techniques. The Next Level, is a career move and investment to you success and your future and getting paid as a professional standup comedian.

Read more about the “Next Level”, Blue light Talent and  “The rules to success”

What some comedians are saying about “The Next Level”


To: Michael “Wheels” Parise

Dear Wheels,

I personally wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have had the incredible opportunity to take your class, learn from and be able to grow my comedy career through your mentorship. When we first met, I explained my reasons of wanting to further my knowledge of learning the business from a professional and you not only understood, but listened and then exceeded my expectations. Over the past couple of months, my confidence level on stage has risen immensely. Infact, some of the biggest compliments I’ve received is from friends and family who have watched me go up over the last year and now I hear from them about how “I’m owning the stage” and how comfortable and confident I look. I owe a great deal of those compliments to you. You know exactly how to make a comic clear their mind and feel relaxed before they go on stage.

Your class gave us the chance to learn the art of dealing with crowds, writing premises on stage to even getting booked and how to market ourselves. I honestly am not sure if there is any other course that would have given us the liberty to have learned so much. When you said that you’ll teach us to get to the “next level”, you were absolutely right. I feel that my comedy career has certainly moved upward to the next level after taking your class. Learning from you was not the stereo typical “I’ll teach and you’ll listen’. But rather letting us grow as individual comics.

I would definitely recommend taking your class to anyone who is at any level of their comedy career to anyone who is in any field of the entertainment industry because a lot of people can benefit from learning from a true professional. I hope to continue the mentorship, a friendship and my career with you and wish you continued success always.


Jeremy Wieand



Knowledgeable, informative & social grace.  Wheels has it all.  Just take the damn class.  JRosey
A class where you’re consistently on stage receiving feedback & ideas from the instructor & other comics is a class worth taking.    When we weren’t on stage successful career comedians, bookers & writers educated us (the class) about the business of comedy.   If you want to succeed in this business Wheels will show you the way.  His resume and success speaks for itself.
Stuck in a rut of the same jokes for years?  Get out of your comfort zone & in front of Wheels.  He’ll provide you the tools needed to expand your repertoire.  Learn to write in different voices.  Develop your own, unique Point of View (POV).  If you’re not growing, you’re dying.  Grow with someone who has consistently succeeded in this business & continues to push the boundaries of all around entertaining success.
I was using dated material & desperately wanted it to mature to reflect the person I am today.  Wheels showed me how to hone real life events into my unique point of view & craft a story audiences wanted to hear, knowing it was coming from the heart.  Much thanks goes to this man for consistently challenging me and enabling me to overcome the fear of working outside my comfort zone.  JRosey

Micheal Wheels Parise comedy class takes the approach include visiting bookers, comedians and comedy business people to give you a diverse look at the business side of comedy. He uses exercises to challenge students to be comfortable being uncomfortable. If you can handle being uncomfortable to get to the next level this is the class for you. If not you’re a wimp and you’ll stay where you are!  Jim Basset

“Wheels Parise sounds like a race car driver, in a sense it’s true, because you will be going for a ride, his easy demeanor lulls you into thinking you are going for a Sunday drive but before you know it, your realize your in the middle of a high speed chase, holding on for dear life, the jokes keep coming at you, while you try to catch your breath, he’s so funny, really funny, you’ll be mumbling it long after he’s left the stage!”  Louie Anderson

“Wheels Parise made me spit my drink out, he’s so funny, & you know I never spit anything out!!  Louie Anderson

“While watching Wheels Parise I found myself saying a number of times ” Dam I wish I had thought of that joke”  Loiue Anderson (Comic Legend)

For more information on how you can get to the next level and start making money doing what you love, if you feel you have what it takes to get to the next level but need some guidance and mentoring, if you are serious about the business and creative side of standup…then this is for YOU! Please fill out the information below and wheels will get in touch with you soon. This is personal mentoring and coaching. You must be honest with yourself and Wheels. This is an intense program and not for the weak minded. Let’s do this!

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